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It is very likely that you are visiting this site because you have a problem with one of your electronic devices. We can and will help you with that problem, and we have a unique and modern way of doing it. We prefer not to offer a one-off fix that gets you out of trouble, but ends up costing you a small fortune. Instead, we'll solve your current problem and any others as they crop up in the future, by offering a solution that actually saves you money in real terms.

iFix IT Solutions isn't about TVs, computers and audio equipment. It's not even about saving money. What it's really about is smarter spending and making your money go further. Not many of us have spare cash left at the end of each month to cover the cost of things like television repair or PC repair in Bristol, so we all have to be careful how we spend. Signing-up with us is the first step down the road to smarter spending and it will make a real difference where it matters, in your pocket.

By choosing to divert a small amount of what you are already spending into joining us, you are not incurring any additional expense to cover the monthly fee, but you will certainly be spending less as there is no further charge for our service.

Our breakdown repair and maintenance service for your audio-visual and computing equipment, combined with unlimited technical support, is fully-inclusive of all labour and parts. It covers all equipment owned by anyone living at your address, including students staying away from home. If you are looking for a guaranteed desktop repair or television repair, you won't find a more cost effective solution than ours.

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Whenever a problem of this type occurs it is of course unexpected, usually expensive and certainly inconvenient. By joining us you are effectively putting enough aside to cover any expenses that may arise in the future, plus you don't have the hassle of finding someone to carry out the repair at a sensible cost, and you are entitled to unlimited technical support as part of the service. As you are paying for it with money you would have spent anyway, this service is effectively free, but it also saves you money over time.

TVs, computers and audio equipment is just the start. Soon our smarter spending principle will be applied to all areas of household expenses, and with each new product you will feel the difference in your pocket.
No more unexpected bills! Saving you money and time!

Our service is a unique alternative to the usual form of TV repair or PC Repair.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee for anyone that is not satisfied with our service.
We won't even tie you in to a long term contract.
Why would you want to leave if you're saving money?

Breakdown Repair & Unlimited Technical Support for:

Televisions, projectors, home cinema, hi-fi and audio devices.

Satellite, Freeview and cable boxes

DVD & BlueRay players and video recorders.

Games consoles.

Desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets, printers, scanners and peripherals.

Spend smarter and make your money go further by joining us today!

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